Chance to own coin dedicated to Commonwealth Games

The Games 50p coin
The Games 50p coin

The Royal Mint has minted a limited number of special edition 50p coins to help celebrate the Games returning to England for only the third time in their history, having been in London in 1934 and Manchester in 2002.

The UK 50p coin features a bespoke reverse design by Natasha Preece from the Royal Mint, capturing the essence of the Commonwealth Games through the striking geometric patterns associated with Birmingham 2022.

Each coin carries the logo of the Games and has a range of ordering options, starting with the uncirculated coin for £10, then in team liveries from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales for £18.

There is also the Silver Proof coloured coin for £67.50, the Silver Proof Piedfort Coloured coin for £112.50 and the Gold Proof coin for £1,095.

The coin was designed by Royal Mint product designer Natasha, who had previously created the reverse side of the Remembrance Day 2020 UK coin, having won a design competition to have the chance to create the coin.

She said she had wanted to include some pattern work from the city and described what the final idea was behind the pattern on the coin.

Natasha said: “Rather than focusing on any individual sport or person, I decided to use shapes and patterns associated with the Games itself, as well as the city of Birmingham.

“This allowed me to create a design that represented the whole Commonwealth family and stayed true to the core values of the Games.

“The overlapping circles represent the Library of Birmingham and borrow from the architecture of the building.

“Also, the textures used on the Commonwealth ‘V’ shapes are actually a running track texture, with a different intensity used on each to represent different colours.

“I feel the library pattern on the coin creates beautiful areas of frosting and polishing. I’m really happy with the final outcome of the coin.”

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